Self Portrait

How are you feeling right now? ⠀

More balanced than last week definitely. Very aware of the privilege I have right now and so grateful for that. I’m also feeling a bit lost but trying to remember that it won’t last. ⠀

What’s one thing you’ve lost as a result of the pandemic? ⠀

My work is now on hold and that’s hard because I miss it and my clients massively. I’m so grateful that I can access financial support from the government & my husband’s job is still ok so that’s alright for now. But yeah, I’ve sort of lost my sense of being useful & having a purpose.. ⠀

What’s something you’ve gained or learned? ⠀

I think the shock to my system of going from busy & productive to not being able to be productive & not having work coming in was a lot – but I’ve gained the time to understand all that & reflect on it. Which I think will change how I live and work. We also had our first ever whole family video call at the weekend & that was great. My brother and his family live in Australia so it’s been a long time since we were all together so that call was lovely. ⠀

Is there anyone in your life that you’re particularly worried about right now? ⠀

Yes, one of my dearest friends is a doctor abroad and I’m worried for her. This will take a huge toll on her physically and emotionally – and that’s if she manages to stay healthy. ⠀

What are you most hopeful for right now? ⠀

I’m really curious as to where this project will go and what it will teach me. I’m also interested to see what good will come out of this crisis. I do think we’ll all emerge changed and hope it’s for the better.