How are you feeling right now?

We’ve had one week of lock-down here. We’re very lucky, we’ve got a view and a balcony and a big space between two people and we can feel like we’re outside. We’ve got our jobs still, people are losing jobs all around us. It doesn’t feel too bad. I’m very proud of our government, our government’s really good at doing things badly but they just made the call early, made it happen and they’re doing regular updates. The health minister seems to be on top of it – if we look at the US, we’re leagues ahead of them.

What do you feel you’ve lost or really miss as a result of the pandemic?

I was meant to start exercising again after an injury, it’s been five and a half months. I miss movement, being able to actually start cardio again. I think I get a lot of energy from people, not necessarily interacting, but just having people around so I definitely miss that. And the outdoors, just being in the ocean or on a mountain – we can see where we want to be but we can’t go!

What’s something that you’ve gained?

A lot more home cooking, I love cooking anyway but just putting more thought in to meal prep. So I guess the bigger thing there is patience – what do we have and what can we create out of it? And structure, quite early on we realised if we didn’t have structure we’d go mad. So we’re waking up in the morning, doing some form of movement. We’re still working so then the workday and actually closing the office at 5pm and doing stuff that brings joy, some days it’s a beer and a series, other days it’s a puzzle or maybe it’s a call to friends, but just fitting it in.

Who are you most worried about right now?

Probably my parents, they’re super healthy but they’re in the age bracket that’s problematic and they were quite badly behaved in the beginning – just going to the shops and being invincible. So they got quite a stern talking to by me and my brother and now they’re better behaved! Hearing about the hospital issues we have, even in this area, you kind of think, OK, I don’t want anyone I know having to go to hospital, especially my parents.

What are you most hopeful for right now?

I hope that we really have nipped this in the bud, before it gets bad. We just got made ‘junk status’ financially as a country – the Rand is just crashing, the economy’s stuffed. If we could nip the whole corona thing in the bud, then it would just retain a sense of pride for South Africans, despite all the other stuff that’s going to hit us hard. When you’re in ‘junk status’ no one wants to play with you financially, I think that happened on day 3 of our lock down. I also hope that the health system just copes, I’m optimistic because we’re coping with HIV in a sense, we’re coping with TB – coping is the wrong word but the health systems are used to absolute crises, I feel like our health system workers have so much grit because they’ve already been exposed to so many crises.