How are you feeling right now?

I’m feeling good. Work is busy, busier than I expected it to be – I’m not sure if it’s going to die off in time. I don’t know if there’s going to be a lag between when it’s hit my clients and when it filters down to me. So I suppose, it’s just being prepared for that if it does happen. I’m getting out walking every day, into fresh air so I suppose it’s about minding yourself really, in the middle of all this.

What is something that you miss right now?

I think you can either focus on what you don’t have or what you do have and at the moment, I have a lot of good stuff in my life so I choose to focus on that stuff. But I will say, at the end of this, the three things that I’ll be going for the most are hugs, hikes and a good haircut!

What have you gained?

It’s funny, my life hasn’t changed a whole lot – because I already work from home so in terms of the work it’s all the same. It’s only me and my partner so there’s no kids or anything so none of that madness around the house that some of my friends have. So I suppose life hasn’t change a whole lot. If anything, I’m probably more grateful for what I have, learning to enjoy the simple things a little bit more and I’m just really grateful that I’ve a roof over my head and food in the fridge – they are the things that matter. I was never really into the material stuff anyway but now I suppose I’m more grateful for what I have.

Who are you most worried about at the moment?

My mam, she would be in the vulnerable category and wouldn’t come through this if she got sick. So it’s a case of keeping her safe. I come from a family of seven and I’m the point of contact for her because everybody else either has kids or they have to work – so I suppose I’m very aware that if she got sick, it would be through me and there’s a certain amount of pressure that comes with that to stay well. I also have friends on the front line, I would text them but I’m very conscious of giving them their space as well – I want to respect their space but be there for them at the same time.

What are you most hopeful for?

A less material world. Personally, I get a lot of joy from simple things and I think people place a lot of value in the material stuff and all of that has been stripped away now. So I would hope, at the end of this, that people would place more value on connection, on humanity, and less on the material world. I would hope people would have a greater appreciation for family, connections and just living life simply – and the happiness that can bring. Obviously the situation is far from ideal, but it’s good to be able to take a step back and re-examine your priorities. What we consider to be the little things in life are actually be the really, really big things, and it can take something like this to appreciate that.