How are you feeling right now?

It’s ok, it’s not that I’m feeling down or anything. I’m trying to work on my mental routine and get on with my work, but I’m realising that I’m putting a lot of work on myself. I keep thinking that this will all be over in three weeks and I won’t have time to finish anything, so I’m spending more energy thinking about that. And because we’re in this situation, I can’t just go out and have coffee or something. So far, I’m trying to do work and then relax. I get a lot of energy from my work and my clients, hearing their stories, but when it comes to my private life I’m more introverted.

What’s something that you’ve lost?

I haven’t really lost any bookings, except for one elopement. My family is ok, some of my friends had problems with the earthquake in Zagreb and everything but I don’t feel that I’ve lost something. It’s more about how to cope with the situation when you don’t know what to do next. I’m not getting bookings of course but I’ll figure it out afterwards. It’s traditional for me and my boyfriend to go home [to Croatia] for Easter, so I’ll miss the food and being with my family. It’s now that you see that these small things are so good.

What’s something that you’ve gained?

I’ve promised myself that until the first of June that I’ll work on my mental and physical strength. So everyday, I’m working to not be so hard on myself and give myself more self love. Before, that wasn’t the case, in every situation I would blame myself, I’m the one spreading the virus – if you know what I mean. So I started that 3 weeks ago and I feel much better, yesterday was a challenge – it was like, now we’re going to test what you’ve learned so far. So yeah, more self love and feeling gratitude.

Who are you most worried about?

My parents of course, because they’re in that age group, but more for their mental health than that they could get sick. I’ve been raised in the mindset of we can’t get sick, we don’t have time for that, so I know they’ll be ok but mental health, it can be delicate. It’s something to worry about for all of us, around the world, not just for my family.

What are you most hopeful for right now?

There is a huge positive thing in all of this, and the first thing is that we’re all the same now, even celebrities are not important anymore. I’m grateful that’s the case, you have to learn from this. It’s not about yourself anymore, it’s about how we’re going to work together. And I’m hoping it’s going to change the world for the better, that we’re going to start taking better care of health, of nature, of everything.