How are you feeling right now?

Today, I’m good because I can hear myself. I’m hearing my voice again. There’s so much noise, I needed to make sure that I could know my place in this. So I can hear myself now, and I can hear myself as Finola the woman, Finola the mother (because I have to home school remember! I was not built for that but I’ll do my best and Sean [my son] helps me a lot) and hearing the voice of Finola the marketer, Finola the businesswoman – the different parts. Because I’m growing, I’m in this space of reaching for my own next evolutionary state. I know that’s sounding very lofty but it’s my next growth piece. And I found myself reflecting a couple of days ago, I wrote this really jaggedly – you’ve got to be where you’re going Finola. And I was talking to a client in New York last night and I found myself saying it to them and they said ‘Yes, that’s it!’. So I’ve got to be where I’m going, that’s what I’m working on, so I’m good.

What’s something that you really miss right now?

There’s the obvious stuff of missing the active projects I’m on, but I’m actually not really missing them. I know that it’ll be done later, it’s just on hold. I’m not missing it, I think it’s a gift.

What’s something that you’ve gained?

An awful lot, I’ve actually broadened my influences – the conversations I’m having are moving. I’m starting a new course today called Metaskills with Marty Neumeier, he’s bringing people from all over the world in brand context. I’m working on a project that we have to submit to this whole fabulous team of big heavy hitters in brand and we’re from Argentina and Ireland and the UK and Germany and India – all coming together to work together. I’m loving that! The bits that I’m loving is the new information that helps me grow. And I’m loving hearing my own voice, and I’m loving seeing tangible results on teh stuff I’m doing on a day to day basis with clients to help them move – because they’re having to change everything and I love re-strategising and rethinking. I love that, that’s my spot. It’s a powerful time.

What are you most worried about right now?

I’m worried about the homework stuff with Sean, that I’m not doing enough of it. That’s also a noisy space, I find I’m being inundated with stuff ‘Here’s what you can do with your eleven year old!’. I want to make sure he’s not left behind when he does go back to schoo, that would be my worry, and simultaneously, I’m doing different things with him – so he’s learning how to type, with great resistance, but anyway! He’s very verbal, so we’re having conversations, we need to do more of them, I’m not doing enough, we need to get the balance right. But we’re walking a lot, I’m living in Dunmore East – I’m very lucky where I’m in quarantine, we walk to the beach everyday. So I worry if I’m giving Sean enough time, that would be it, to get the balance right.

What are you most hopeful for?

I’m hopeful for humanity, I’ll tinge it with naivete because I think that’s useful. I’m hopeful for the self-reflection that’s occurring because you cannot escape it, because you have to think differently. The predictions of how are work lives are changing, things that were  predicted for five years down the line have just come front and centre now, so I’m hopeful that we now make conscious choices for how we live, I’m definitely hopeful for that. I”m hopeful that we’re not too late for the world, the dolphins, the birds singing. And yes, I know it’s all very naive, but i hand the naivete to it because we need it, we have to. And for my own personal stuff, I’m excited about what I’m going to do next, very excited about that!