How are you feeling right now?

I’m feeling good, I’ve kind of settled into it a little bit. Yeah, today is a good day, it’s sunny outside.

What do you miss the most right now?

I haven’t seen Phil [my boyfriend] in four weeks now, so that’s really tough. It’s not really the same when you’re video calling or texting. And it’s tough because he’s supporting his family, and it’s hard to support him to support them from afar – you’re trying to but it’s difficult. That’s the biggest thing. Other than that, I miss work and leaving the house!

What have you gained?

I’ve been kind of forced to put a structure on my day for myself, which I’ve never really had to do before because work has put a structure on my day. Even though I’m still working from home, my usual work is in a very people-facing role so doing the admin side of things just isn’t the same, but it’s forced me to look at other things I enjoy doing so I’ve been cooking a lot – even in my tiny, tiny kitchen. I’m also doing things that I might have put to one side because of work commitments – or said it was because of work commitments – like writing and baking and I’ve even pulled out my guitar again.

Who or what are you most worried about?

It’s hard to know what to be worried about actually, I’m worried about a lot of people, just generally, but also knowing that they’ll probably be fine and I can’t worry too much about that. And then I’m worried about work, it might not be the same in two months time or I might not have a job in two months time. I’m worried about the people I hired at work as well, and how they’re going to cope through all of this – is there going to be a job for them at the end of this? It’s too much to worry about honestly, because it’s everything, I’m worried about everybody that I know – for different reasons. If they’re young and healthy I’m worried that they’re not going to have a place to live or job security and if they’re older, I’m worried about them getting sick. So it’s just a lot to worry about. I’m worried about the economy, worried about how this is going to affect my future, how it’s going to affect everybody else’s future. It’s just so uncertain that you can’t worry, there’s really everything to worry about. There’s just no certainty.

What are you most hopeful for?

I’m really hopeful that all the restrictions that we’re being placed under are actually going to work and that we’ll come out of this, you know, battered and bruised as a nation but not completely torn down and decimated. That we’ll actually have a future of recovery ahead of us – which isn’t going to be easy, but that’s the hope, that we can just recover together as a country and as a planet. And also, there are so many lessons to be learned from this as well, from the global warming crisis and work life balance, all these things that we don’t necessarily have to go back to the way it was beforehand. We could have a more balanced future. That’s what I would hope for, that people take lessons from it – countries, governments, individuals, corporations, that they learn something from it.