How are you feeling right now?

It’s been a mixed bag, I’m good today. I work well off a to-do list so I’m working through that workwise. I’m adapting, things are changing in terms of work structure and family time. Familywise, the kids are all outside, I’m thankful that the weather is good.

What do you miss most?

Being able to see family, my sisters and parents. I’m a people person, so one thing I really miss is the club, I’m the club secretary for my local GAA hurling club and that’s normally busy. I could work between six and twenty hours a week for the club, depending on where we are in the season. My husband is a coach and the boys play. I miss being pitchside, now that the season should have started, we would be pitchside four or five evenings a week with training and matches. I miss that social connection. There’s nothing like the tempo at a hurling match and having the community all rooting for the same team. It’s such a privilege to an administrator of the club and support the teams in the club. The Sunday Game is part of our ritual here too, we’re all missing it. I wanted to build a great club for our children, it was really hard putting the lock on the gates and telling the community.

What have you gained?

My business is Workplace Health & Wellbeing and it’s all about supporting people with their mental health and it’s amazing, I’m actually practicing what I preach a lot more the last few weeks! I’m actually practicing self care, spending time with my family, connecting so much more. We’re taking time to be together cooking and baking, teaching them life skills. Every single meal has become an enjoyable social occasion with all five of us sitting down together. The children are now cooking and they appreciate the food so much more now. They always said thanks, I have three wonderful children, but the sincerity of the appreciation is deeper. It’s probably what I needed after a busy couple of years doing my masters and setting up the business. The business might not be experiencing the busy time it should be, but going forward, I’ll take more time with the kids, just to play and be with them, it’s a privilege to have them.
In my business, I’m finally writing articles that I’d promised I’d do. I was afraid to move my workshops online but now I’m doing it and it’s been so easy. There was a lot of urgency last week, but things have settled this week. I’ve noticed my children have relaxed a lot too, the kids know they’re safe and everyone else they love, like their grandparents, are safe in their own houses.

Who are you most worried about?

I’m worried more about people as a collective, I’m worried that people aren’t taking care of their mental health. This is a traumatic experience and there will be a fallout for a while. I hope the government make a plan for the fallout of this. I’m worried, but it’s something I can’t control. My sister died 21 years ago by suicide, so I’m very passionate about this whole area and it’s a huge driving force behind my business. I’m very aware that things can change very quickly, acute stress can become chronic stress and that can lead to anxiety and depression.

What are you most looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to seeing my family. I’m hopeful for the world showing more appreciation and gratitude for the simple freedoms and privileges they have. We’re so privileged where we are, we have resources, food, running water. We’re educated enough to be able to temporarily homeschool our children. I’m looking forward to the freedom of just being able to do things, just to be able to drive where I want.