How are you feeling right now?

I’m feeling good. I’m an empath so I tend to feel the sadness of other people anyway and there’s sadness on a global scale right now, and of course there’s fear and panic and anger and frustration. Luckily, I have the tools to deal with those kinds of emotions. I’m so grateful that my family are well, my mum is well, she’s 82. I feel very lucky and very grateful.

What’s something you miss or feel you’ve lost as a result of the pandemic?

I’ve lost a free house! I have to share this space 24 hours a day, and like everybody else, we’ve lost that freedom to go where we like and do what we like but I’m very adaptable. I’ve never been bored in my life, I have lots to do and the kids have lots to do, we’re very fortunate that we have so much available to us and can keep ourselves occupied. I do miss meeting up with family and friends, I miss that close connection – no phone call or video will replace that.

What’s something you’ve gained?

I’ve always wanted to help people through their emotional pain or trauma. I’m a natural healer, it’s always been my thing and I do it through my products in Zavana Wellness but what I’ve learned is that it’s time for me now to go back to that, to reach out to people on the deepest level and help them heal the pain and the trauma of what’s going on for them.

Who are you most worried about right now?

I’m most concerned about the depression and anxiety that’s going on for people, and going forward how that’s going to affect them in their lives, but particularly children. They’re traumatised and bewildered right now, and because of that I’ve decided to bring out online relaxation classes for kids, so that they can have that opportunity to release some of that fear and anxiety. Teenagers and young children, they’re picking up on parents’ anxieties, they’re seeing the news – they are affected by what’s going on. And of course they’re affected by being restricted – their movements are restricted, their normal activities aren’t happening and they need another way to release their stresses or express what’s going on for them.

What are you most hopeful for?

People around the world have pulled together in so many ways, offering support to people. The front line staff are amazing and the community are trying to do everything they can. This has affected all walks of life, and I think that has brought people together – it’s so sad in the way it’s happened, but it has made people realise that there are more important things than a lot of what they were worrying about. What I’m hoping for now is that people are more ready for a spiritual awakening and a spiritual connection with each other.