How are you feeling?

Well, today is my birthday and I feel awesome! I was woken early with my phone pinging, it’s a good day – today, thankfully. My business stopped months ago, then my Mum had to be tested – she’s high risk anyway – so that was a nightmare, we were all on a knife-edge. I should be sitting by a pool in Spain drinking some sangria right now with my whole family, but we’re not, so it’s kind of bittersweet. But so far there’s been an influx of cards, wine dropped to the door, lots of videos – it’s making up for it.

What is something that you really miss right now?

I miss lots of things, my family, my parents. I’m a real extrovert and I’m so tactile, so that’s pretty difficult for someone like me. It’s really taught me a lot of life lessons and self-learning, staying indoors and not seeing and talking to people isn’t really something I’m very good at doing, but it has to be done.

What have you learned?

I have learned that actually I’m pretty resilient. As soon as we got the results of Mum’s test [negative], it was like a fog just cleared and I’ve been concentrating on work now and future work and lots of other things. I’m enjoying isolating with my friend, we’re here together now a month, and I’m just really very thankful and grateful for everything that we do have. What I’ve really learned is how to stop, I’m on the go consistently, I’m one of these people who never watches Netflix and now, well, this is great! It’s really brought me back to a much slower pace of life.

Who are you most worried about?

My parents, definitely, Mum is high-risk anyway. God love her, she’s been in pretty much since Christmas anyway, but mentally – she’s very similar to me, she would be out and about, talking to people and very busy, so I suppose once she gets over her illness, mentally this will have taken a toll on her.

What are you most hopeful for right now?

I’m most hopeful for a better human race, a better understanding, that people will be kinder to each other and appreciate each other more. Calling into your neighbours should be something you do everyday, it shouldn’t be now that we’re in these really extenuating circumstances that everybody’s being lovely and then goes back to being normal – my hope would be that people would extend themselves outside themselves more.