How are you feeling right now?

Right now, I’m kind of in between. Here in Denmark, we’re getting really accustomed to the whole lock down situation and looking inward and taking care of ourselves, trying to get a new normal established. That had just gotten into a habit where that was the everyday routine, getting comfortable with it, seeing the opportunities. Now, starting from next week, a new normal is getting incorporated into the new normal, and we don’t really know with the restrictions where is this going to lead us. Are we opening up again or do we see a fall back when we open up again? We get asked a lot of questions, with the kids going back to school – can we play with these kids or can we do this? I don’t know, maybe you can, maybe you can’t. If you’re not careful, what I’ve been seeing and experiencing just in the last 24/ 48 hours, is just that you can get a bit agitated because you can see this sort of opening but then again it’s so confusing because the boundaries are not really there anymore – sometimes you can, sometimes you can’t. We don’t really know where we’re going, are we opening up again, can be joyful about that or are we just still seeing tiny, tiny baby steps and we’re not opening up again. It’s difficult to be in this being on the fence kind of situation.

What is something that you’ve lost as a result of this situation?

The obvious things; we all lost work, we lost income – but I don’t feel like I’ve lost-lost that, because we’re all in this together, everybody lost that. So I don’t consider it a loss so-to-speak, and then again, I’ve lost the certainty. Even though as a business owner, I never know what a year will look like in my order book, I still have a certainty that someone is going to ring my phone and say I need photos – that thing I’ve lost, and without being too philosophical about it, I don’t know will I rise back up. It’s really weird. I’ve asked myself, am I missing something? Because I don’t feel like I’ve lost something. I have an idea that it’s just postponed. But then reality knocks and those uncertainties creep in, the businesses that should be booking me in fall and winter, will they call? Because they’re losing big time.

What is something that you’ve gained?

I’ve gained the ability, even more I think, to try to look at things differently, because we’re forced to. I’ve also gained the ability to have my eyes opened up to what can we get by with? How can we be creative? It sounds so ordinary, everybody needs to look for creative ways to do things. Being able to take just one step at a time, because we never know – next week something new is coming and we don’t know what it’s going to lead to. None of us know what’s coming up, so that’s maybe why I don’t feel like I’m losing things, because I’ve gained maybe the ability to make peace with it, with the uncertainty. I think it’s doable because we’re all in the same boat here, it’s not only here in our little family, not only here in Denmark, it’s in the whole world.

Who or what are you most worried about?

The economy – our economy as a nation, our economy as world citizens. Will we be able to rise again? We see crises historically, and we do rise but I’m worried about how long it’s going to take to get back. I’m not a fan of ‘we need to go back to the way things were’ because I love that we’re given the most incredible opportunity to do things differently as a society and the big companies are given a unique opportunity to do things a different way. Companies have played with the idea of shorter work weeks but never do it because it’s not the right time, now is the perfect time to do that, but I’m worried that we will strive to go back to normal. What will become of society because all the economies are bleeding.

What are you most hopeful for?

I’m so hopeful that we see this as this unique opportunity to totally change our way of living. Can we change the whole hamster wheel that we’ve locked ourselves into? I would love for that to be a reality and to see that change in our everyday lives, that we can do things differently from now on.