How are you feeling right now?

Good, I mean, it’s a small house with lots of people… Now I understand how a puppy feels when there’s the mention of a walk, how they just get so unreasonably excited – that’s me now! We’ve run out of milk, great, where’s the furthest shop I can go to within the 2km perimeter? I’ve been working, which is great – apart from the income, just for my own head and I have to travel for work in a few days which I’m looking forward to. Normally I don’t like driving, but this is so exciting I can hardly wait. There would often be times when I wouldn’t leave the house for a few days, just because I’d be working or whatever, but I think it’s just when you know you can’t do something, and that lack of human interaction. I quite like being on my own, having silence but sometimes I’ll go out to a cafe to change my workspace. Everybody is experiencing the same problems, they’re just manifesting themselves in different ways.

What’s something that you’ve lost or really miss?

I miss my hiding places, the places I’d go to do work, I miss doing things on my terms, I miss the quiet – even though you couldn’t get any quieter but I miss the quiet in the house. I miss seeing the back of people’s heads as they walk down the driveway in the morning!

What’s something that you’ve gained?

I’ve gained time with my immediate family, which is really nice. I’m often moaning that I don’t get enough time with them so that’s really nice. A bit of headspace as well, working through online courses that I’d bought but I’m now I’m doing them, you can’t just buy the course. I’ve gained a bit of perspective on things as well – what is important, what I really want, what are the things that are important to me, reconnecting with my values.

Who are you most worried about?

I’d be a bit concerned for my family, my extended family, that we’ll all make it through. I’m worried about my son and his college work, will he lose the year? My step son is supposed to be doing the leaving cert this year, will he lose an academic year? Probably losing my edge, will I get complacent about things? Will I lose focus with my business? Will I lose traction? Visibility?

What are you most hopeful for right now?

Wuhan have just opened up their borders, so I’m almost hopeful for a ‘date’. I’m hopeful for other people, that we’ll all make it out the other end physically and mentally in one piece. I’m hopeful for a prompt and efficient economic recovery, it’s not just about people, it’s about business too. And I hope that the services that would have been considered essential six weeks ago, like disability services and mental health services, don’t get shoved under the carpet because other things have become essential, that they’ll get their funding back.