How are you feeling today?

I’m feeling good. We have one week on/ one week off with our little one – so today is our first day for having time for ourselves to some degree, without being bombarded with giving him all of our attention all day. I feel like I’ve got personal space again, not just between me and him but also between me and my wife because we’re now able to go do our things that we want to do or need to do. A few days I was so stressed out, it goes up and down.

What is something that you really miss right now?

I miss going to a restaurant, having a margarita & having chips and salsa! My best friend has a bar, I also miss going there because that was my place to not only see him but I would also sit at the bar and edit photos while having a beer – I miss that environment too. Just the simple little things of going out, seeing people, hugging friends, things of that nature. People in general.

What is something you have learned?

I don’t think I’ve gained anything yet, I think I’m in the middle of learning something right now and I’m figuring things out – and if I can make it through this, I’ll come out smarter and stronger. Once all this is over, I’ll have figured it out.

Who or what are you most worried about?

I’m worried about my business, the future of us, am I going to be able to still be self-employed after all this? I feel like I’ve just been going through struggle after struggle and I think that’s why I feel like it’s still a learning experience, I’m taking it in. Part of me is thinking, don’t be worried about it because you’ll make it through just like you have all the other times but I’m also worried. Family as well, my parents are older, my mom’s a nurse, she’s not seeing very many patients but she’s still working. My dad is also older, still working – he works at a funeral home and it’s been crazy busy. We’re living with him too, so if he gets exposed, what about us? And then if we get sick or something happens to him, we can’t afford our own living space right now. Just a lot of financial and living life logistics that are out of anyone’s control, not just ours, everyone else’s as well. The election is coming up at the end of the year, I’m afraid that people are going to be all about Trump’s stimulus cheques and root him in for another four years, which I don’t want. Are we even going to be able to elect a new president at the end of the year?

What are you most hopeful for?

[laughing] I don’t know, I’m not a hopeful person! It annoys me when my wife says ‘don’t worry about it, things always work out’, I get upset, I don’t want to hear that. I’m not a pessimist but I’m not an optimist, I want things to be real. I think I’m hopeful that things will go back to normal. I just want going back to normal. I’m also hopeful that I will learn something from this, make something out of it and become mentally stronger from it. For US people, I hope self-employed people are treated differently by the government, that healthcare will be more of a thing. That’s the stuff I want to be hopeful about but then the realist/ pessimistic person in me thinks that won’t happen, it’s just going to go back to normal here in the US.