How are you feeling right now?

Great! It’s weird, I know there’s all this big stuff going on, and at the start I was a bit panicked but now I’ve kind of relaxed and I’m just getting on with things. We’re so busy after moving into our new house and Darren [my husband] is here so it’s actually been better for us because we’ve more time to work on the house, the kids are around, Darren’s around to spend time with the kids that he’s kind of missed while he’s been doing the house. So in that respect, it’s been great, it’s been kind of positive in a way, which is weird.

What do you miss?

I don’t know, I’m still doing all the same things I did before, just not as much. I can still see family, I’m not a hugger so seeing them at a distance is fine! I can go down and stand in the yard with Dad and just chat to him, so in that respect, nothing’s really changed there. It’s been so busy, moving into our own place – a lot of positives have happened while all this has been going on.

What have you gained?

The first two weeks of the virus, Darren stayed here at the house just trying to get as much as he could do done to get us in, so after that now, we’re together again. We have our family life – the kids can be outside with Darren, I’ve been making bread and just doing all the things that I want to do. We can walk down to see Granny and Grandad, we’re just being.

Who are you most worried about?

You hope that none of your friends or family get it, you hope that at the end of all of this that everybody is still there, that there’s nobody missing. I would be concerned about my parents, my mother in law, older members of the family. There’s the guys in Australia, my brother is in England, family in America – that’s the biggest concern, what you’d be worried about the most, that they all get through it and stay away from it and if they do get it that they can recover.

What are you most hopeful for?

Probably the same answer, that we see everybody again. A better quality of life after all of this, more appreciation for not trying to work so hard and please other people, that you kind of come back to your roots a bit more – being home, just spending time with family.