How are you feeling right now?

Today, drained to be honest. Both in a physical and emotional sense, it has been a roller-coaster the last 2-3 weeks. Just going on the journey with my clients, staying in touch with them, helping them make really hard decisions – some of them heartbreaking decisions. It’s hard to maintain that professional distance, there’ve been a few evenings where I’ve had a little cry. But I think a lot of the big decisions have been made now, so once they’ve dealt with their business and their team, their family is the next priority – making sure everyone is looked after. The uncertainty is really hard for everybody. We’re all in this together, I’m trying to get on with it and stay positive, but it’s hard when everybody needs you and they’re all in crisis at the same time.

What have you lost as a result of the pandemic?

My free time, I’ve been working 12 hour days, weekends, Paddy’s day – just trying to get information out to people, talk to them, give them some support. Things keep changing on a day to day basis, the goalposts are moving all the time. I’m not going to do any work this weekend, I’ve been having problems sleeping so I want to try and sort that out, recharge the batteries.

What have you gained?

Definitely an appreciation for the small things – living in the moment rather than racing ahead. I’m trying to go for walks a bit more – listening to the birds, looking around and noticing things. I also appreciate that I’ve got a great husband who’s been holding the fort at home while I put in long hours at the office.

Who are you most worried about right now?

Probably my parents and parents-in-law, the four of them are over 70 so they’re cocooning. We’re trying to help them adjust to that, we’re doing their shopping and prescription runs but it’s really hard for them. My mum is really struggling with the loss of independence. We’ve gotten them online library tickets, anything we can do to keep them active – they’re having to embrace technology!

What are you most hopeful for?

A chance to rebuild when the time is right, that most of us will still be here and have the energy, that we’ll have put some preparation in place that we can thrive when the time is right. There’s also been some lovely community spirit around, so I’d be really hopeful that we could hold on to that.