How are you feeling right now?

I’m feeling good now. I went into a major slump but then I realised that I was lacking energy because I’m an extrovert. That was a huge realisation for me, I need people! Once I knew that, I made more of an effort – I need people but then I didn’t want to talk to people either, because I felt low and didn’t want to bring that energy to a conversation. So I made more of an effort just to talk to people and face-time people and things have started looking up. At the moment I’m feeling really good, the weather might have something to do with it, getting the sun on my face feels lovely right now. I’m sure there’ll be other slumps but we’ll deal with them when they happen.

What’s something that you really miss?

I miss human interaction, I miss hugs! I’m a hugger, and I have friends who are not huggers who are enjoying not having to hug people, but I really miss hugs. Even talking to neighbours, they’re afraid to get too close.

What’s something you’ve gained?

The past few days especially, I’ve been in the moment more, I feel like I’ve dropped into a state of being rather than being productive, doing stuff, painting. The moment I dropped into that state of being, I actually became more productive, it was really weird. There’s a sense of peace, the main word would be acceptance – I’ve accepted that this is the reality. Nobody knows what’s going to happen, I’ve accepted that this shit isn’t just happening to me, it’s happening to everybody so it’s kind of freeing.

Who are you most worried about right now?

Obviously I’m worried about my parents, the in-laws. I also have asthma so I’m worried about what might happen if I had to be brought to hospital, things like that. How would my kids be? What would they do? Silly worries pop into my head. I’m worried about when this will all be over, when will I be able to hug someone again – that’s a big one. But I’m strangley ok about it all right now.

What are you most hopeful for?

I’m hopeful that this episode on our planet will help her breathe, I think she needed a break from us humans and I think she’s getting it. Whether it’ll be long enough, I don’t know, but I’m hoping something major will come out of this – that people will really realise the damage we’ve been doing. Then maybe because of the effects that are being seen, that people will work towards new ways of doing things, that new ideas will emerge. People are beginning to experience clearer air and cleaner skies – when you’re living in it day-to-day you just think this is just the way it is, but then when things stop and you think, oh, but this is the way it could be…