How are you feeling right now?

I’m doing good, I’m keeping myself very busy. Little projects at home are getting done now, I’m building furniture and learning a little bit more about carpentry. I’ve made a coffee table, a bench and a wardrobe. I’m settling into it, but it’s still very bizarre, it’s weird to try and have coffee with friends over Whatsapp.

What do you miss most?

Socially, I miss seeing my nieces and nephews. A friend has a 2 week old, we went to visit them just before the shutdown. They were inside their house, we were outside the window and because they have thick new windows, we had to make a phone call to hear what they were saying. So yeah, connections with people is a big thing, with friends and family.

What have you gained?

My own space and time. Myself and Kira have more time together to connect together with less distractions. It was a bit stressful the first week, but we’re falling into a good routine and we’re getting even closer – just having time together. It’s also given me space to think about my work, to contemplate where I’d like to go, what I’m missing in my work that I’d like to fill in right now.

Who, if anyone, are you most worried about right now?

Kira, my wife, she’s got a lot of allergy problems and she’s asthmatic. I’m probably very susceptible to contracting the virus because I have an auto-immune disease but it might not affect me too badlly. But if I give it to her, it could affect her in an incredibly lethal way, that’s my number one fear. Obviously I’m worried about my parents but I know my Mum is safe. My sister goes to visit her with the children, they have coffee and a chat through the window while the kids play on the climbing frame in her front garden.

What will you remember most about this time? 

The productivity that comes with getting rid of all the distractions. It’s amazing how much you can do without rushing around. The focus moves to what’s immediate and right in front of you, both personally and in work as well. Making furniture, making ebooks – I’m producing my third ebook this week. It’s stripped away all that wasted time of travelling to meet people and there are things that I just can’t do now, so now I’m doing all these things I’ve wanted to do.